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Chaitra Navratri

LetsShave - The Product Women Miss the Most During Lock-Down

Business Wire India

LetsShave Evior Face Razor with women's shaving and body care range of products
LetsShave Evior Face Razor with women's shaving and body care range of products

The sales statistics from LetsShave, a shave and grooming startup, are to be believed, women missed most are their favorite LetsShave Evior razors. According to them in women grooming products, there has been a 4X surge in women shaving products in their e-commerce store. While face shaving is also known as “Dermaplaning”– isn't new in the western culture, the LetsShave Evior face razor has experienced an increase in demand since lockdown began.
LetsShave has shared some interesting sales information revealing that ‘Evior Face Razor’ went “Out of Stock” 20 days after they resumed their e-commerce operations post Lockdown. The product has continued to grow in popularity and is now ranked Second-Best Selling on Amazon. "We've sold more than 200,000 units, which tell women are embracing the ‘shaving at home’ trend over traditional waxing. We saw an unprecedented jump in women shaving category. We are having to reorder stock to keep up with the increasing demand” said Sidharth S Oberoi, Founder & CEO of LetsShave.
For deeper understanding, LetsShave did an interesting study within their team and selected group of female loyal customers. Women revealed that due to social distancing and hygienic norms they preferred shaving at home over waxing at the salons. They didn’t wear makeup during the lockdown, focused on skin care. To this, LetsShave’s consulting Celebrity Cosmetologist Dr. Sonia Oberoi of akss Clinic added “Face razor removes unwanted facial hair as well as dead skin cells, helps skin care ingredients penetrate better, smooths skin texture allowing your makeup to sit evenly”.
E-commerce has been one of those sectors that's been severely hit by COVID-19 worldwide. Amidst the chaos of salary pay cuts and layoffs, LetsShave improvised packaging and delivery to maintain an exceptional level of hygiene, hired more staff and geared up to launch 12 new products to be launched next month.
LetsShave experiences dramatic shift in consumer spending patterns across categories post Covid-19 as the pandemic pushes millions of households’ shoppers to buy more goods online and practice hygiene. Sources added that LetsShave will be launching advanced technology of razor blades in October 2020 in eco-friendly, super-fancy packaging